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Tips to Hit the Speed Bag

1. Open your hands

Don’t make a fist. Don’t hit with your knuckles, at least not for beginners. Beginners hitting with their knuckles will quickly lose control and end up hitting the bag too hard or too fast. Hitting with the fingers will help beginners slow down the pace and get use to the rhythm. This is probably my best discovery for helping others learn how to hit the speed bag.

2. Hold both hands close to the bag

Keep your hands close to the bag. Keeping your hands close will allow you to hit the bag without having to race your hands to it. If you let your hands get too far from the bag, you’ll end up moving it too fast to hit the bag which makes you hit the bag too hard. Keep your hands close! When one hand is hitting, the other hand should be waiting right under the bag.

3. Hit in small circles

Your hand should travel in make small circles in the air when you hit the speed bag. You’re not swinging your fists back and forth; you are making small circles in the air. You can even practice making small circles in the air to get use to the motion before trying it on the speed bag. Just remember to make circles.


The best rhythm for beginners is to go right-right-left-left. This means hitting twice with your right hand, then twice with your left hand, and repeat. On the first hit, you use the front of your fist. On the second hit, you use the bottom of your fist. It should feel like a natural setup for when you switch to the other hand.

Some trainers will recommend going 3 times for each hand. It’s up to you.

5. Stand square

You are not in your boxing stance. You should be standing square in front of the bag with both feet at equal distance from the speed bag. Stand a little closer than arm’s length from the bag. You can move closer or farther until it feels comfortable. Your eye should be level with the bottom of the speed bag, but a little lower or higher would also be ok.


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