Building Hours - Labour Day to May 26, 2017
Mon.- Fri.  5:30 am - 10:30 pm
Saturday  6:00 am - 9:00 pm
Sunday  9:00 am - 10:30 pm

* Patrons must be exited from Athletic facilities; locker rooms and building, 30 min. after closing.

Closed for Renovations end of May'17 to Fall 2018

Pool Rental Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What time should I tell my guests to arrive?
Answer: You should tell your guests to arrive 15 minutes before the party if you are starting in the pool. This gives you 5 minutes for meet and greet and 10 minutes to get changed. The end time should reflect the time you are booked to leave the room as there may be another party right after you.

Question: Can I get into the room early?
Answer: Unfortunately we cannot guarantee access to the room before the time on your contract. We do set up streamers, balloons and table coverings so that the room is ready for you. As well we will take all of your gifts and food at the front desk when you come in and place them in the room for you. This gives you more time to enjoy your child’s party.

Question: Do I need to clean up?
Answer: No need to worry, take your stuff and our staff are more than happy to clean up for you, after all that’s what you paid us for.

Question: What does the Sportsplex provide for my room rental?
Answer: The Sportsplex supplies tables, chairs, table coverings, some decorations that we put up for you as well as limited refrigerator and freezer space. You just need to bring cups, cutlery, plates and food.

Question: When do I need to pay for my rental?
Answer: At the time of booking.

Question: What can I bring in for food?
Answer: You can bring in anything you make at home as well as cake from any store. Pizza can be brought in if you are feeding less than 50 people. All other food must be purchased from the Celtic Café who can be reached at:

Question: When should I get the contract? What do I do if I didn't receive a contract after booking?
Answer: You should receive a contract immediately after booking by email. If you have not received the contract immediately after, e-mail and state your name, booking date and that you need a contract. At this time we will send out a contract as soon as we receive this information.