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Nutrition Consultations and Packages

A La Carte Services

Initial Assessment

Comprehensive 1-hour session with our Registered Dietitian. This initial assessment includes a food and lifestyle assessment, a review of a three-day food record, nutrition education, body composition analysis on the InBody 230 machine, help with menu planning and goal setting.

Individuals: $90.00

Couples: $130.00


Follow Up Sessions

30-minute follow up session with our Registered Dietitian. Follow up sessions include nutrition education, body composition analysis on the Inbody 230 machine, review of food record, goal progress assessments, and help with menu planning.

Individuals: $50.00

Couples: $75.00


Q & A Sessions:

Wondering about what you hear in the media? This 30-minute session is great for those who want information on specific topics, but don’t need a detailed nutrition plan.

Individuals: $50.00

Couples: $75.00


Grocery store tours

Do you feel overwhelmed when you step into the grocery store? Are you alarmed at the variety when you stare down the aisles? Get a tour with our Registered Dietitian and learn how to shop for your healthiest, most nutritious options! Tours are approximately 60 minutes.

Individuals: $110.00  

Couples: $130.00

3+ group: $30.00 per extra person



3-Follow up Pack

Do you want to make a few changes to your diet? Do you want guidance and support? This package is for you!

Package includes:

3 follow-up sessions (30-minute sessions)
Body Composition Analysis at each appointment

Package Price: $135.00 (Value: $150.00)

Couples: $210.00 (Value: $225.00)


Weight Management Package

If you’re looking to change your diet in order to lose or manage your weight, we can help! We focus on a lifestyle change and building healthy, sustainable habits to last a lifetime. We help you build up your knowledge and skills to fit your lifestyle, so that you can enjoy a healthy diet and your favourite indulgences too! All sessions must be used within a 6-month time frame.

Package includes:

6 follow-up sessions (30-minute sessions)
Body Composition Analysis at each appointment
Grocery Store Tour (can be substituted for an extra follow-up session)

Package Price: $270.00 (Value: $300.00)

Couples: $410.00 (Value: $450.00)


For more information please contact Doreen MacLean, RD at (902)464-2600 ext. 307 or