An Overview

In 1982 the Dartmouth Sportsplex was built to primarily offer residents in Dartmouth an ice surface and a swimming pool. Over the past 30 years the needs of our community have dramatically changed and the Dartmouth Sportsplex now fails to offer the community the type of facility, services, or experience demanded by its customers & potential users.

In a recent independent study by Asbell Management Innovation, the following points were clearly identified:

  • The community wants and needs access to a gymnasium
  • Youth need access to more recreation and fitness opportunities
  • Some segments of the community are unable to access the Sportsplex and options access for everyone needs to be a priority
  • Program and service areas need to be expanded and enhanced
  • More dedicated program spaces are required

Without the above features, the Dartmouth Sportsplex is unable to successfully address critical health issues such as:

  • youth inactivity and obesity
  • active & fit lifestyles in youth & adults
  • quality, active family time
  • persons needing focus on preventative health goals such as post cardiac recovery or diabetes management
  • older adult activities
  • community outreach

While the Sportsplex is not always able to offer the type of programs and services demanded by its customers, the facility has been fortunate through non-profit fundraising activities, along with municipal, provincial, & federal government programs to maintain and in some cases, even enhance its infrastructure.

Along with a long term commitment to 'green operations', we are a leader in Nova Scotia in heat recovery and one of the few pools in Atlantic Canada to offer ultra violet (UV) water treatment for greatly improved water & air quality to our facility users.

We also host modern mechanical systems such as:

  • renovated ice plant
  • dehumidification systems
  • dual fuel boilers
  • natural gas ice resurface

A proud history of cost recovery aside, our outdated and now sub-standard program and service areas, coupled with significant increase in utility and other costs, along with a challenging economy, means that it is no longer able to cover its operating costs and is going to, year over year, require increasing Municipal support to operate.  Without a significant investment there is simply no way for the Dartmouth Sportsplex to halt this decline.  Considering the excellent state of the facilities infrastructure a renewal and revitalization of the program and service areas only makes good common sense.

Without a renewed and revitalized facility, the Dartmouth Sportsplex will not be able to meet the changing need of the community.  Without re-investment, the Sportsplex will continue to decline with regard to the quality of the facility, its ability to host the programs, services and events demanded by the community, and the ability do so in a manner that minimizes the financial drain on HRM.